Good News Translation

makes the meaning of the Bible plain even if you’ve never read it before

GNT is the Good News Translation of the Bible, published by American Bible Society. Some editions of the Good News Translation contain line drawings of biblical events by Annie Vallotton.


The Good News Translation is written in a simple, everyday language, with the intention that everyone can appreciate it.

Translation Work

The Good News Bible was born out of the translation theories of linguist Eugene Nida, the Executive Secretary of the American Bible Society’s Translations Department. In the 1960s, Nida envisioned a new style of translation called “dynamic equivalence,” that is, the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek would be expressed in a translation “thought for thought” rather than “word for word.”


Over 244 million copies of the Good News Bible have been distributed world-wide since its first printing. 

Publication Date

The Good News Translation of the Bible was first published as the New Testament under the name Good News for Modern Man in 1966.

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About the GNT

The Good News Translation (GNT) was first published as a full Bible in 1976 by the American Bible Society as a “common language” Bible. It is a clear and simple modern translation that is faithful to the original Hebrew, Koine Greek, and Aramaic texts. The GNT is a highly trusted version. Learn More >


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